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  About The School  

West Smiths Station Elementary School

150 Lee Road 295, Smiths, AL 36877
150 Lee Road 295, Smiths, AL 36877

We are a SACS accredited school located in the bedroom community of Smiths Station, Alabama in east central Alabama. Smiths Station is adjacent to Phenix City, Alabama, Columbus, Georgia, and the Fort Benning Military Facility. Our school accommodates kindergarten through sixth grade levels. Our school population in grades K-6 is about 800 students.

Our Mission Statement:

The mission West Smiths Station Elementary is to facilitate a challenging environment which encourages optimal learning and builds the foundation for our children to become life-long learners.

Our Beliefs:

  • All children can learn with multiple methods of instructional approaches and evaluations
  • Children learn and exhibit responsibility, respect and good citizenship within their home and school environment.
  • A positive self-concept is important for all children.
  • A cooperative relationship between school, community and home will encourage growth and learning.
  • Students' use of technology will better prepare them for the future.

Mission Statement

The mission of West Smiths Station Elementary School is to facilitate a challenging environment which encourages optimal learning and builds the foundation for our children to become life long learners.

School Profile

The Smiths Station community has a legacy of working together to provide the best for our children.  Residents of all socioeconomic status and educational levels have worked side by side through the years to raise funds for needed items for the schools.  In recent years our community has moved from a small rural community to a much larger rural community.  Our community now includes a great percentage of families that do not have their roots in Smiths Station.  We have become more diverse, more transient, and more global.  While focusing on meeting the global needs of our community we still cling to the roots that we were established from.


School Keys and Bus Rules

Six Keys to Successful Learning

  1. I can and I will do what I am asked, the first time I am asked, by any adult in this school.
  2. I can and I will respect all people. I can and I will do good deeds and say good things.
  3. I can and I will ask permission to speak or to leave my seat.
  4. I can and I will be prepared for class and do my best at all times.
  5. I can and I will walk quietly from place to place, and in a straight line.
  6. I can and I will tell the truth at all times.

Rules of Conduct and Responsibilities of Pupils on the School Bus

  1. Be ready in the morning at the scheduled time for the bus to arrive at your stop.
  2. Do not stand or play in the roadway while awaiting the bus.
  4. Wait until bus has come to a complete stop before attempting to get on or off.
  5. Obey the bus driver cheerfully and promptly.
  6. Leave the bus only at your home stop or with the consent of the driver.
  7. Enter or leave the bust only at the front door except in case of an emergency.
  8. Do not exchange seats or move around in the bus while it is in motion.
  9. Be seated if possible, but if not, move to the rear of the bus, and stand away from the doors.
  10. Make room for other children to get on or off the bus.
  11. Do not use tobacco in any form, strike matches, shoot fireworks, or open any knife wil in the school bus.
  12. Do not extend head, arms, or hands from the windows of the bus.
  13. Do not use vulgar or profane language.
  14. Refrain from yelling or shouting at anyone.
  15. Observe orderly classroom conduct (except for ordinary conversation) while getting off or on and while riding the bus.
  16. Do not throw any objects in or at the bus, nor out of the bus windows.
  17. Any breakage, injury or damage to the bus caused by careless or willful act shall be paid for by the offending pupil or his/her parents.
  18. Whe necessary to cross the highway after getting off the school bus, make certain the bus is stationary, the front door is still open, and the stop arm is extended, then cross in front of the bus, look both ways and stay out of the line of traffic until the path across the roadway is safe. Then proceed across the highway when the driver or bus monitor signals for you to cross.
  19. Keep the bus clean and sanitary.
  20. Refrain from eating nuts, candles, fruits, etc., in the school bus.
  21. Do not quarrel, scuffle, or molest other pupils while riding the bus.
  22. Cooperate at all times with the principal, the driver and the monitor in the fulfillment of the duties to which they have been assigned.
  23. REMEMBER every rule or responsibility of all concerned is for YOUR safety, YOUR comfort, and YOUR benefit.